Ваш браузер устарел. Рекомендуем обновить его до последней версии.

Ever since Ukraine hosted Euro-2012 European Football Championship together with Poland, the number of visitors and attention to this wonderful country has been growing with each year.


 - The Telegraph in its article named 25 interesting facts about Ukraine that may amaze the majority of the people in the West. 


Here are some views of ordinary people about their trip.


- "Sort of fell in love w/ Kyiv" - Big Bang Theory actress Mayim Bialik


- "Hungry for Travel: Make Ukraine your next foodie destination'' (NYDailyNews)


- "Borscht, a Ukrainian superfood"


- "12 Reasons I am absolutely extending my stay in Ukraine"


- An American spends 3 months in Kyiv in winter of 2017 and writes a nice Blog on his experiences.

"Living in Kiev. 3 months of observations"


Another young American names 10 reasons why he fell in love with Kiev.


- and Vogue magazine reporters think that ''Kiev might be the coolest  shopping destination in Europe"

In February of 2017 the same magazine published a nice article with a catchy name:

"Ukriane's influence on the runway is bigger than you think"


At the times when Ukrainian national currency Hryvna depreciated so much, it may not be a bad idea to really shop here.

By the way, the Hryvna banknotes are recognized as one of the best in the world in the sense of the quality and completeness of the portrayed idea:

(Actually it was  Aesthetics Commission of the International Financial Bank in Switzerland that in 2008 and 2013 ranked the hryvnia (UAH) as the most beautiful currency in the world)