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Ukraine is one of the world leading agricultural countries.


Lately, Ukraine has managed to take advantage of its capacities to produce agrarian products and starts setting new records in its history in this aspect.

For example, according to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy as of September 2016,

- export of agrarian products exceeded USD 4.5 billion

- export of grain exceeds the previous year by almost 5 million tons already

- export of beet sugar is the best as well 

- export of walnuts is #5 in the world


All the above is probably the reason why United States Department of Agriculture follows Ukraine in this aspect so closely.

"Ukraine can become World leader in fruit and vegetable production" - Report 2017


Ukraine starts gaining new markets as well:


"Given the wheat production decrease in France in the current season and quality problems, Ukrainian exporters have got a great chance to take its place on India market... by delivering 240,000 tons of wheat in July and August" (Bloomberg article, September 2016)


Several interesting facts about Ukraine in this aspect:


- Ukraine is #1 on this Planet in owning black soil - close to 25% of it.

- It is #1 in Europe in the area of agricultural land in Europe with approximately 43 m ha of land out of which 32.5 m ha are used for crop production


- Over the last ten years Ukraine is a leader in the export of oil. Ukrainian sunflower oil is supplied to 109 countries. Ukrainian production is 60% of world oil exports.

For example, last year Ukraine exported more than 4.3 million tons. Russia took second place – 3 million tons of oil.

(As an example, Ukrainian Kernel, a diversified agribusiness company and the world's largest sunflower oil producer with 8% share in the world market, January 2017 made its first Eurobond placement worth USD 500,000,000 (half a billion). Its shares are traded already at Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2007 and Fitch rates its bonds as B+, S&P as B.Kernel's press-release )


Ukraine ranks the first in Europe and the fifth in the world in production of honey by the way.

It ranks #9 among highest dollar value and the fastest growing natural honey exporterin the world - 244% since 2011 (WorldOfExports.com). And no wonder since Ukraine is the homeland of the world famous Petro Prokopovych, the father of rational beekeeping and inventor of first beehive frames.


"..the goal of developing Ukraine as an agricultural superpower is more within reach today than it ever has been before"

-said Geoffrey Payett, Ambassador of USA to Ukraine at the meeting devoted to the decision of Cargill to invest USD 100 million in an agricultural project in this country.


And it is interesting to see how United States Department of Agriculture sees Ukraine potential in this aspect.