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Ukraine - Europe's IT Powerhouse 

The Best Boxer of the Year 2016 was named Vasyl "Hi-Tech" Lomachenko, Ukrainian two-times Olympic Champion and the record-setter in the Professional Boxing.

He could be a good symbol of the current Ukraine - the country can and does fight well the "northern Goliath" (Russia), but at the same time, the country is agile, quick-thinking and very ingenious on its way to victories. It has cossak noble spirit too.


Ukraine has always been rich in creative and innovative people. In the past it was pioneers in helicopter and space rockets building, inventors of commercial bee-keeping frames and so on (more details on "World Famous Ukrainians").


In our times Ukrainians continue surprizing the world - here are some achievments that need be mentioned.


Did you know that names like PayPal, Petcube and many others have Ukrainian origin in them or example?


- "Ukraine: The Next Startup Nation" (Medium.com)


- "The most surprising rating: popular startups with Ukrainian roots" - Must-read article! )


- Anatoly Kokush - received two technical Oscars for his invention of what is mistakenly called "Russian arm" which made possible filming The Titanic and other movies in new perspective.


- Kyiv students team win NASA Space App Challenge contest with their Mars Hopper


 - Another Kyiv students team wins Google AdMob Student Challenge 2016


- Ukrainian UniExpo w/ their ExoSceleton were among the Silicon Valley Robot Launch Competion Finalists


- The Shkolniks father & son reinvent rotary engine and make it most powerful and efficient. They moved to the US and founded their own company already though.


- "Why American farmers are hacking their tractors with Ukrainian firmware" (Motherboard.com)



Ukrainains are technically savvy and as a bright example - recent news of Airbus appointing 36-year old Ukrainian Paul Eremenko its Chief Technical Officer.