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Chernobyl Fireighters, Dr. Gale, Kiev Medical Miracle

Posted 9/26/2019

New chapter has been added to "UKRAINE & THE UNITED STATES" book.

"...only part of that crew were transported to Moscow. They were considered lucky at the time because they were taken to hospital #6 which was the only specialized hospital in the whole USSR to treat the patient with radiation diseases.

Now it has become known that the hospital during the first several weeks relied heavily on the instructions of an American doctor who insisted on bone marrow transplants. His name was Dr. Robert Gale.

In all, according to Soviet physicians, only 13 bone marrow transplants and six fetal liver cell transplant operations were done... Only the patients in Moscow received bone marrow transplants. Out of these 2 survived, and only 1 showed autologous bone marrow re-population."


Report from Kiev, August 1986:

"“We are walking in the department with Professor L.P. Kindzelskiy, the chief radiologist of the Ukrainian SSR Ministry of Health and the scientific leader in this clinic. We stop in front of the glass-partitioned resuscitation rooms, filled with complicated equipment. We are silent, our heads bowed in sorrow. It was here that Aleksandr Grigoryevich Lelechenko died; his exploit is today known throughout the country. Lelechenko is a tender Ukrainian word that means child of the leleka —the stork. It was here that he folded his wings. The physicians were powerless. The others survived, and today they feel much better. Some patients are nearly ready to be discharged.”