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New Chapter in the Book

Posted 4/10/2019

Today new chapter to the book has been added. It is titled "Turbojet and Turbofan Engines" and is about a Ukrainian who created the engines for the Soviet military planes and space program. Here are some excerpts from the chapter:


"In 1926, a young man from Kiev region entered Kiev Polytechnic Institute. It is the same Institute, in which Igor Sikorsky, Konstantin Kalinin and Sergei Korolev studied before him.

The man’s first name was Arkhip, his last name was Lyulka, which in Ukrainian means 'cradle'.


In April 1941, Arkhip Lyulka patented what was to become the first double-jet turbofan engine in the world...


...In 1976, the A. Lyulka design bureau created the AL-31F 4th generation engine. This engine would become the peak of Lyulka's work. This engine was installed on the Su-27 aircraft, on which from 1986 to 1988 more than 30 world records were established.

Nowadays, the absolute majority of gas-turbine engines in the world are built based on the Ukrainian innovator’s design."


If you have already purchased the book and want to have this chapter, I will send it to you with great pleasure - just send me an email mentioned in the book.

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