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Ukraine's new tank can take on Russia's best, but Kyiv can't afford it, - Newsweek

Posted 9/21/2017

"When Kiev announced it would revive the same spirit of industry that bred its Soviet-era tank manufacture, boosting production for a new tank vehicle by an unprecedented 2,300 percent in 2016, this should have been a sign for worry on the other side of the front line. The Ukrainian-made Oplot tank, built with a Western-style turret and apparently a crack shot against ground and low-flying air targets, has wowed tank experts. Of the new breed in production, 40 will be going to Thailand’s army." (Full Story)

The readers may find interesting to read more details on Oplot tank thanks to Defence-Blog.com


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- Ukrainian Oplot-M tank creates sensation at IDEAS 2016

- Exclusive: Ukraine can produce Infantry Fighting Vehicle based on Oplot tank chassis




The legendary T-34 was also designed in Kharkiv (Ukraine) in 1937 by M.I. Koshkin and the first pre-series vehicles were produced and tested there? (details)

(Some interesting technical facts about the tank on Kyiv Politech Institute)

Later, with the start of WW2, the production had to be moved farther from the front-lines of course.


In the only recorded conversation between Hitler and Mannerheim, Hitler expresses his shock at the amount of tanks produced at one single plant -

"Kramatorsk, Donetsk oblast.. (the plant there) ..was under construction two years ago…and we had no idea…and today there is a tank production facility that…that…in the first shift a bit over 30.000 and in full development should have employed more than 60.000 workers…one single tank production facility…we have occupied it…a gargantuan facility…".(1min 45 seconds - 3 minutes of the Recording (youtube)

It is also Ukraine