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Ukraine successfully conducts space engine hot test for the first time in its newest history

Posted 8/25/2019

On the eve of the Ukraine Independence Day, State Design Office "Yuzhnoye" conducted the hot test of the third stage of "Cyclone-4" launch vehicle. The first test of this kind in the newest history of Ukraine was successful.

"Cyclone-4", according to the the State Design Office official web-site, "is used for efficient and highly accurate injection of a single or multiple spacecraft into circular, geostationary, and sun-synchronous orbits.

The launch vehicle burns hypergolic storable liquid propellants.

The Cyclone-4 is the newest and most powerful rocket in the Cyclone family. The Cyclone rockets that have been in operation since 1969 (Cyclone-2) and are widely recognized among the most reliable launchers in the world."