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Yuzhnoye State Design Office and Spacebit presented the Industrial and Research Lunar Base conceptual design

Posted 10/24/2019

UK-based Spacebit company in partnership with Yuzhnoye State Design Office presented the interactive conceptual design of the Industrial and Research Lunar Base of Yuzhnoye’s development using virtual reality technologies, during the London Science Festival New Scientist Live 2019.

Spacebit company goal is to land on the moon the small spider-like rover intended for exploration of lunar surface and lava tubes, as well as the searches of possible reserves of useful minerals, in 2021.

It is planned that the Spacebit payload will be delivered to the Moon by the American Peregrine lunar lander spacecraft, with other 16 payloads onboard, most of them were developed by NASA.

Pavlo Tanasyuk, Spacebit CEO and founder, originally hails from Ukraine. He took an interest in our company’s developments in the area of the Moon and near-lunar space exploration during his visit to Yuzhnoye SDO in August this year.

Spacebit company and Yuzhnoye SDO are the institutional members of Moon Village Association.

 New Scientist Live 2019 is the world’s greatest science festival that was held in London on October 10-13, 2019. The aim of the event is to educate, inspire, and evoke admiration on high ideas and innovation through science among the visitors of different ages.