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Ukraine has tremendous potential to grow.

(if you are willing to support charity and lives saving projects in Ukraine, please check this link)


Some economists think that it can become something resembling South Korea soon (where current Russia resembles more and more the North one).

Some others compare Ukraine to Poland 15 years ago, but are confident that Ukraine can "catch up" in much shorter time because it is larger and has certain advantages.


Here is what in June 2017 US Department of State had to say on Ukraine:

"Ukraine is an agricultural powerhouse, representing the world’s third-largest grain producer (behind the United States and the European Union) and has been a profitable country for foreign investors. Domestically oriented sectors like construction have traditionally attracted more foreign direct investment than export-oriented manufacturing. Within the manufacturing sector (11th largest steel producer), metallurgy and food processing have attracted investors ahead of machine building and the chemical industry. Even with ongoing reforms to reign in corruption and burdensome regulation, Ukraine is still seen as a difficult place to do business. However, several major U.S. companies are represented here, particularly in the agriculture, consumer goods, and technology sectors.

Ukraine deserves special mention regarding its IT service and software R&D sector – this sector has demonstrated double-digit growth year-over-year. U.S. technology firms conduct R&D activities in Ukraine and an array of local IT outsourcing companies of all types and sizes serve clients worldwide. The export volume of Ukraine’s software development industry increased 15 percent in 2016 (USD2.5 billion in 2015) and is considered the number three export sector. This sector of Ukraine’s economy shows great potential due to the country’s large, skilled workforce(Full Report)


The Lawyer magazine tells its readers how it sees the country:

"Ukraine is the land of opportunities for those who can handle risks"


It is very interesting to know, that after the Brexit earlier this year, financial guru George Soros in his article advised not to regret it much, but pay more attention to Ukraine, since, according to his words - "Ukraine is EU's Greatest Asset", says The Telegraph.


March 2017 The Atlantic Council devoted an article titled "10 reasons why Ukrainian economy may surprise you"


It is very important for any investor to know that in 2016 Ukrainian Government created Investment Support Office for protecting the investors' rights and that the Head of it became an ethnic Canadian Ukrainian lawyer.


The Economist names Ukrainian currency (Hryvna) as the most undervalued in the world which means more buying capacities for international buyers now.


The SolAbility ranked Ukraine as # 64 on The Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index, 22 places higher than a year ealrier! 


Numbeo.com proves that cost of living in Ukraine is very very affordable especially compared to the U.S.


December 13 Canadian Parliament unanimously voted for Ukraine-Canada Free Trade Agreement, and here is interesting part of speech by the Canadian Minister of Foreign Trade Ms. Chrystia Freeland, "a proud Ukrainian-Canadian" as she calls herself:

(Starting January 2017 Ms. Freeland is the Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister)


"Ukraine is a promising emerging market with many similarities to the largest European economies. The country has rich farmland, a well-developed industrial base, a highly skilled labour force, and an educated population. Ukraine also has abundant mineral resources, including iron ore and nickel.

The country also has dynamic agricultural and aerospace sectors and has long been known for its technological achievements thanks to its well-developed science and education capacities. Ukraine offers investment and trade partnership opportunities in these and many other sectors.

The Ukrainian economy is once again growing, and the International Monetary Fund projects that its gross domestic product will increase by 1.5% this year and 2.5% next year. That is a remarkable achievement for the peoples of Ukraine in a time of war.

Ukraine's trade climate is improving, as is the ease of doing business there. While much remains to be done, things are getting better.

This country offers many opportunities for Canadian businesses in areas such as aerospace, agricultural equipment, mining equipment, information and communication technologies, agriculture and agrifood, and fish and seafood. Canada has the necessary experience and expertise in all of these sectors, leaving it perfectly positioned to become a leading partner for Ukraine."  (Full Speech)