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Once you land at Kyiv Boryspil Airport, you will have plenty routs to see amazing places.


Firstly, you may want to visit other cities nearby, such as






Secondly, apart from numerous cathedrals, Kyiv has a lot of other amazing places of attraction.

For example:


- Pirohiv Open-Air MuseumPyrohiv National Museum of Ukrainian Architecture & Culture has examples of typical Ukrainian rural dwellings from different parts of Ukraine.


They are exactly the same peasant houses great Ukrainian artist Illya Repin portrayed on his world famous paintings.


Wooden churches, wind- and watermills, huts, traditional Ukrainian sauna, bee hives - all from 16-19th century are on the exibit there. One can walk into all those exhibits, get wonderful experience and take amazing pictures there. 


Well, judge for yourselves - take a Craneflight over it! (youtube video)


Pyrohiv Open-Air Museum is the place where many scenes of the recently released movie "Bitter Harvest" were shot.


And many other films, shows and even musical clips.



- Kiev Fortress - the largest in Europe, the second-large in the world


 Prokopovich Beekeeping Museum in Kyiv (FB page, + an American fotoblog)


National Bank of Ukraine issued special coins to celebrate his 240th Birthday.




- Kiev  State Aviation Museum is the largest historical and technical museum in Eastern Europe


CNN ranked it as # 6 in the WORLD actually.


Ahead are only Aviation museums from France (1), UK (1) and the USA (3).




"This museum houses one of the world's biggest displays of aviation technology.


The museum is operated by Ukraine's National Aviation University, which uses the site for training and education.


The majority of the aircraft are ones built by the Soviet Union and exhibits include supersonic bomber planes, transport planes and nuclear missile carriers.


One of the most impressive exhibits is the Tupolev-104.


"On September 15, 1956, a very important event for civil aviation occurred," explains Professor Felix Yanovsky, head of electronics at the National Aviation University.


"The world's first jet airliner, the Tupolev-104, made its first passenger flight between Moscow and Irkutsk. This plane is now in the State Aviation Museum of Ukraine, and it's the oldest surviving aircraft of this type."




DefenceBlog describes 5 more very interesting exhibits  there.




So, Feel like Crane   -   Wellfly to see the Plane(s)! )