Ваш браузер устарел. Рекомендуем обновить его до последней версии.


“If I had an army like the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, the German boot would have never trodden on French soil,”

 Charles de Gaulle


"Between Hitler & Stalin: Ukraine in WWII. Untold Story" - documentary Canadian film narrated by Jack Palance.



The best scoring pilot of the Allied Forces was Ivan Kozhedub 

The best and legendary lady sniper during WWII was Ukrainian Lyudmila Pavlichenko 

The only woman in Red Army who commanded the marines platoon was Yevdokia Zavaliy 


Ukraine has always been a Military Power


The power was resting but brought to motion three years ago by almost Biblical "Cain - Abel" situation, when Russia, who always claimed to be a "brotherly nation" came to kill and take away posessions (starting with Crimea).

Why was not Ukraine ready? The answer is that Ukraine was given guarantees of safety from Russia, the USA and Great Britain in exchange of the Third Largest Nuclear Arsenal on the planet - approximately 2 000 strategic nuclear warheads (FoxNews numbers), so the country was a bit "relaxed" in planning possible military defences.

Especially from one of the "Guarantors" of its safety.

Especially from Russia.

So, basically, was caught off guard by the ruthless army.

(For those who want a proof that it is actually Russian aggression, here is a profound report as of March 2017 "Making Sense of Russian Hybrid Warfare: A Brief Assessment of the Russo-Ukrainian War" by the Institute of Land Warfare.


But Ukraine is a quick learner -

Three years later it now turns more into resembling "David - Goliath" case.


Now Ukraine

in terms of human capital:

 - has one of the largest and experienced Armies in Europe (NATO 2017 Report)

"Ever since (the phony referendum in Crimea), Ukraine has fought a war against Russia and has built the second largest army in Europe of 400, 000 to do so", - writes the Atlantic Council.

 - Renown American General is Ukraine Minister of Defence' Advisor

 - Washington Post devoted one of its Sunday issues to publish the pictures of 63 Ukrainian heroes and titled it "Look Closely at Their Faces"


in terms of military producing:

- Did you know that the most dangerous ballistic missiles Voevoda (Satan) were developed and produced in Ukraine? Not Russia! It is OKB YUZNOYE that developed these missiles. Ukraine quit servicing these rockets in Russia two years ago, so the great question is - in which state Russia's nuclear shield is.


- Last year Ukraine regained full rocket production cycle (space, tactical, ballistic) which made the country among very few in this world who can produce rockets with such characteristics and of such quality! December 2016 launches of new tactical missile by Ukrane near Crimea left Moscow speechless. (Video)


(Ukraine may have given up the nuclearwarheads, but it has apart from Chornobyl, 15 other nuclear reactors (!) to.. defend)


- as of now Ukraine is #9 in the World on the Main Exporters of the Major Weapons List (SIPRI Yearbook 2016, page 20). Ukrainian experts promise to take the country to the top 5 within 5 years.


And these are just some examples of what Ukraine can do:


- Unmanned armoured vehicle ''Fantom'' is equiped with Anti-tank missile system capable of striking even heavy-armoured vehicles at a distance of up to 5 kilometers. Military-blog.com article & video

By results of the Defence Show in UAE, "Fantom" was named #2 among Most Interesting Military Vehicles. full list 


- Kyiv Military Design Bureau "Luch" demonstrates the precision of its anti-tank rockets at a distance of 5 kilometers (Youtube)

- Anti-tank missile-guided system "Stugna-P" resembles famous American "Javelin" but has even certain advantages (Youtube)


- Tanks. Ukrainian tanks are among 10 best tanks on this planet (Youtube)

"Ukraine's tank can take on Russia's best", - Newsweek article + some interesting info on T-34