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Do you know that USA President flies on aircraft that wears a name of a Ukrainian born man?



Igor Sikorsky  was born in Kyiv and before immigrating to the United States and founding Sikorsky Aicraft Corporation there,  became famous by building world’s first four-engine airplane (Sikorsky S-22) and flying on it on a historic 2000 kilometers flight from Saint-Petersburg to Kyiv and back in 1914.

Sikorsky tried building his first helicopter in Kyiv, Ukraine already in 1908 (Britannika), and finally creating the first practical one already in the USA in 1939. Thus making him the father of helicopter industry.  

 - Ukraine is still one of the leading country in this area - the helicopter and airplane engines produced at MotorSich are considered ones of the best and most reliable in the world.




Sergei Korolev -  the leading Soviet rocket engineer and spacecraft designer was born in Zhytomir, Ukraine. It is due to his genius, the Soviet Union was ahead of other countries in Space Race and intercontinental ballistic missile program.


"In fact, Gagarin's flight was anything but a collective affair. In the years that have followed the USSR's disintegration, it has become clear that his mission was a highly individualistic business with one man dominating proceedings: Sergei Korolev, the chief designer – a shadowy figure who was only revealed to have masterminded the USSR's rocket wizardry after his death in 1966. The remarkable story of his genius, his survival in the Gulags; his transformation into one of the most powerful men in the Soviet Union.. is the real story behind that flight on 12 April 1961 " (The Guardian)


Brief Youtube video on Korolev's difficult destiny especially when he was imprisoned by Stalin.



Did you know that the most dangerous ballistic milliles Voevoda (Satan) were developed and produced in Ukraine? Not Russia!

It is OKB YUZNOYE that developed these missiles. 


It's interesting to know that Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX named Ukrainian Zenith the best space rocket. After his own Falcon of course. 

He said it during the interview with a CNN reporter. Brief Video



Some more interesting facts about Ukrainian achievements in this area: 




-  Ukrainian Antonov An-2 recently has been included in the Guiness Book of Records as the only plane that's been in production for 60 years!!


- Antonov AN-22, the world's largest turboprop aircraft returned to the air in September 2016 ater more than 7 years on the ground. It's been very popular on Flightradar ever since. It made its appearance at Paris Air Show in 1965 by the way. Can you imagine how large this plane was for that time? Militaryactory.com has a unique insight into the story of the plane called Antei for its size and power.


-  The Antonov AN-225  Mriya (Dream) aircraft built in 1988 is still the longest and heaviest airplane ever built. It also has the largest wingspan and lifting capacity.

It was quite an event for the country of Australia when this giant landed there for the first time in May of 2016.

Here is a special documentary on this unique plane on American TV some time ago.



- AN-132D - probably the most internationally upgraded of all the planes. A unique plane equipped with Briish Dowty propellers and Canadian engines already has contracts for 90 planes from Saudi Arabia. American Primus Epic avionics by Honeywell and German Liebherr Aerospace Conditioning also participated in modernization. The total demand for this plane is close to 300 in the nearest 15 years worldwide! Defence-Blog.com article on today's event.



- In February 2017 AN-124 "Ruslan" made a flight from Zurich, Switzerland to Canadian Iqaluit with an engine for Boeing-777 which had to make an emergency landing because its engine stopped in the freezing air -29 Centigrade. Seems like Ukrainian plane was the only plane capable of doing it - namely, delivering the whole plane engine at such a distance in such severe weather conditions.

 Canadian newspaper article

 Video of loading in Zurich

 Video of landing in Iqaluit.


In March 2017, India and Antonov Co. signed a preliminary contract which can become a breakthrough for the whole Ukrainian airconstruction industry.

Indian government became disappointed by cooperation with Russian Illyushin airplane producer - it failed to produce prototype of a Multi-role Transport Aircraft which India needs in large numbers for its military and civil tasks.

Brand new An-178 seems to be their choice now. In quantity of 200 airplanes at least. 

Youtube video of its extreme air maneuverability at the airshow in Germany was watched by more than 16 thousand times in just less than a month. 

(On the other hand, video of An-70 titled "Revolutionary Airplane Propeller in Action" has been watched for more than 1.2 million times since Feb 1st )) 

It also demonstrates fuel efficiency and has other advantages over planes of the kind. DefenceBlog has the full story. 


Canada-Ukraine Free-Trade Agreement which is to become effective summer 2017 will affect many businesses and industries in Ukraine, but the Airplane Construction should become the major beneficiary according to Ukroboronprom.






It was Ukrainian-designed Zenit space launch vehicle that was used in the Sea Launch consortium's floating launch platform in the Pacific Ocean because of its reliability.

Currently, Ukraine supplies engines for the Antares USA project.


In 2017 Canada may start building a launch site for Ukrainian rockets!

Nova Scotia may very soon have a $100M rocket launch site built specifically for Ukrainian Cyclone 4M medium class rocket! CBS.ca has all the story


Just recently Ukraine regained full rocket production cycle (space, tactical, ballistic) which made the country among very few in this world who can produce rockets with such characteristics and of such quality!

December 2016 launches of new tactical missile by Ukrane near Crimea left Moscow speechless.

It is worth mentioning that half (!) of Russia's nuclear rockets were produced and were serviced by Ukraine. After the Crimea annexation this cooperation stopped and it means that nobody really knows in what condition is Russia's nuclear shield.

But it also means that Ukraine is capable of producing this sort of rockets to defend itself from the "Wild Bear" if necessary.



It's worth mentioning in this aspect, that Kiev has one of the best Aviation Museums in the world.


Actually, Kiev  State Aviation Museum is the largest historical and technical museum in Eastern Europe

DefenceBlog has its own insights and rankings of the planes on the Exhibit. 

As for the larger scale, CNN ranked it # 6 in the world describing it in the following passage:


"This museum houses one of the world's biggest displays of aviation technology.

 The museum is operated by Ukraine's National Aviation University, which uses the site for training and education.

 The majority of the aircraft are ones built by the Soviet Union and exhibits include supersonic bomber planes, transport planes and nuclear missile carriers.

 One of the most impressive exhibits is the Tupolev-104.

 "On September 15, 1956, a very important event for civil aviation occurred," explains Professor Felix Yanovsky, head of electronics at the National Aviation University.

 "The world's first jet airliner, the Tupolev-104, made its first passenger flight between Moscow and Irkutsk. This plane is now in the State Aviation Museum of Ukraine, and it's the oldest surviving aircraft of this type."