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Anacharsis, the Scythian philosopher and prince


Cicero: “Could the Scythian Anacharsis disregard money, and shall not our philosophers be able to do so? We are informed of an epistle of his in these words: “Anacharsis to Hanno, greeting. My clothing is the same as that with which the Scythians cover themselves; the hardness of my feet supplies the want of shoes; the ground is my bed, hunger my sauce, my food milk, cheese, and flesh. So you may come to me as to a man in want of nothing. But as to those presents you take so much pleasure in, you may dispose of them to your own citizens, or to the immortal Gods.” According to Herodotus, Anacharsis was killed by his brother-king for worshiping Greek gods somewhere in the area of today’s Kherson region of Ukraine. “Royal Scythia, Greece, Kyiv Rus” book has some unique details about Anacharsis and his time in Athens. Can there be a link between Anacharsis and Sviatoslav I of Kyiv? >



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