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Igor Sikorsky: ‘My family is of Ukrainian origin’. Official document


When one opens Igor Sikorsky’s Wikipedia page, in the “Early Life” paragraph one can read the following sentence: “When questioned regarding his roots, he would answer: “My family is of Russian origin. My grandfather and other ancestors from the time of Peter the Great were Russian Orthodox priests”. The comment to this quote declares that “consequently, the Russian nationality of the family must be considered as well established”. And it is a strange conclusion because for a fact to become “well established”, there should be some documents proving that someone said something. The owners of this site sent an official request and received an official scan of the only known document in which the great Kyiv-born aviator directly answers the question of his nationality. As it turns out, the answer was given on the official form which makes it even more valuable in terms of credibility. And the readers of U-Krane.com are among the first ones in a long while to see the document. (The document was kept in the archives and to the best of the author’s knowledge has not been published anywhere yet until now). What conclusions can be made after reading it? Most important, from now on the well-established nationality of Igor Sikorsky is Ukrainian. The Father of the Helicopter Industry even specified that his family is of “purely Ukrainian origin”. As for “consider ourselves”, it was obviously a result of propaganda. Even from his answer, it is clear that for Sikorsky “Russia” was not a nationality, but more like a confederation of different nation-states where Ukraine was still the largest just like Texas among other American states. It looks like for him, being a Ukrainian in Russia was similar to being an English immigrant in the USA. [The “Gardariki, Ukraine” e-book describes the methods Moscow used to create a fake history in an effort to confuse people like Igor Sykorsky and millions like him.] Monuments to Sikorsky in Kyiv >



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