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Ivan IV the Terrible was not a Tzar. Forged title credentials


The Wikipedia page on the Fire of Moscow in 1571, has the following information: “In 1561, Muscovites “received a letter from the Patriarch of Constantinople” (which turned out to be false), which asserted the rights of Ivan the Terrible to claim himself the Tsar.” Historian K. Waliszewski adds that 35 out of 37 signatures on that letter were forged and the remaining 2 signatures were bought by bribery. This situation can serve as a perfect example of how Muscovite history and legacy were created – it is all about bribes and forgery. People keep thinking that the current war Russia wages against Ukraine is about the restoration of empire. It is not. It is about an imposter trying to kill someone whose identity he has stolen. Hence genocide of the Ukrainian nation. The war is about concealing the shameful truth about Muscovy’s history including the facts of deliberite forging of documents like the one Ivan IV did. Hence the destruction of Ukrainian museums and libraries. More on the topic HERE >

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