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Kyiv Rus’ borders ca. 1000 A.D.


Although this map was published by National Geographic in 1987 and should be commended for marking what is now the present-day Kerch Strait as being controlled by Kyiv a millennium ago, it still misses one important area. In the map below you see the Khazarian Kingdom. “Between 965 and 969, the Kyiv Rus’ ruler, Sviatoslav I of Kyiv, as well as his allies, conquered the capital, Atil, and ended Khazaria’s independence. The state became the autonomous entity of Rus”. Thus, at around 1000 AD, Kyiv Rus stretched to the Caspian Sea. This information is of vital importance to counter the Kremlin’s claims that those lands were “theirs” historically. Historically, Moscow would not exist for another 200 years. Russia is an imposter trying to steal what is not and has never belonged to it. Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs pointed out another little-known fact about the Western borders of Kyiv Rus state – the Baltic states, Slovakia, and part of Poland were also part of it:

Better see it on Twitter because it has a nice GIF in it.

Khazarian Kingdom

More details about little-known facts of Kyiv’s history are in the “Gardariki, Ukraine” e-book. Those looking for details of the Baltic states being part of Kyiv Rus, have to check “Kyiv Rus in Heimskringla and Byzantine Texts” paperback.



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