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‘Russia’ has the same relation to Kyiv Rus as the Guinea Pig to the Republic of Guinea. None.


According to Wikipedia, “despite their common name, guinea pigs are not native to Guinea, nor are they closely related biologically to pigs, and the origin of the name is still unclear”. The same is true for ‘Russians’ and their claims to the legacy of Kyiv Rus. The title image demonstrates the state of the two realms a millennium ago. As mentioned in the previous articles, the future ‘Russians” were the Volga Finns and they were tributaries to Kyiv. Also, as attested by a 13th-century traveler William of Rubruck, even already in the 13th century, they remained pagans. As for the city of Novgorod, which the ‘Russians’ like to use so much as the ground of their claims to Kyiv Rus’ history, there is an inconvenient truth about it. First, even according to that strange-sounding version of the Novgorodians inviting Rurik, the latter one was a Scandinavian. This fact alone leaves “Russia” out of the equation and makes Scandinavia the “elder brother” of Kyiv Rus. Second, Novgorod is most likely a younger city and may not have existed in the times when Rurik allegedly came to it. These and other new facts are in the “Gardarki, Ukraine” e-book. Meanwhile, speaking of the “Russians” and the pigs >



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