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Ukraine’s Snake (Zmiiny) Island Is Where Achilles Supposedly Went Mad and Wiped Out the Amazons, – The Daily Beast


At last world media start seeing that some of the Greek myths actually take place in the area of present-day Ukraine.

“The most striking of their stories involved the Leuke (White) island—named for its white marble bedrock and (allegedly) white snakes and better known to us as Snake or Serpent Island—a desert island in the northern Black Sea. To the ancient Greeks, Snake Island was sacred to Achilles.

Why Achilles? You may ask. Well, it’s a little-known fact that, according to legend, Achilles was buried on Snake Island. The eighth- or seventh-century B.C. poem the Aethiopis relates that, after he received his fatal ankle injury at Troy, Achilles’ remains were transported to the White Island by his mother Thetis. As Mateusz Stróżyński writes for Antigone, later Latin authors Pliny the Elder and Arrian give the island the name the Island of Achilles. In antiquity the small island was said to be haunted by his ghost, which spent its time breeding a sacred herd of mares. As you do when you’re a ghost on an uninhabited island in the Black Sea.” FULL STORY

But the authors of the article missed to mention that according to some ancient source, Achilles was born and raised in the area not far from the island.

Amazing fact – the Scythian king’s goryto dated 400 BC (title photo) has the scenes of The Achilleid poem written half a millennium later.

For details and insights, check “Royal Scythia, Greece, Kyiv Rus” book.



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