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Which famous Ukrainians could represent Royal Scythians?


News Site in the USA: “Netflix’s “Queen Cleopatra”, a four-part docuseries exploring the life and reign of Cleopatra, was released this month to almost immediate criticism. The series, produced by actress Jada Pinkett-Smith, received a 3% audience score — and 14% critic score — on Rotten Tomatoes… Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities claims that, because “Queen Cleopatra” is a docuseries, it “requires those in charge of its production to investigate accuracy and rely on historical and scientific facts”… Egyptian secretary general of the supreme council of archaeology, said that the portrayal of Cleopatra as Black is a “falsification of Egyptian history and a blatant historical fallacy”… Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities posted a Twitter message stating that “Statues of Queen Cleopatra confirm that she had Hellenistic (Greek) features, distinguished by light skin, a drawn-out nose, and thin lips” with an image of such a statue as an example. Only several days ago, the author of this article discovered some interesting facts about the Scythian skulls that were unearthed in the most prominent Kurgan situated in Ukraine. After reading a story of Cleopatra’s docuseries, the author could not help thinking about how would the kings and the queen of Alexandropol Kurgan look like and who of the famous people could look like them. The question is purely hypothetical of course, but it is very intriguing to see a very approximate profile of those who could be in the cast for the historically correct docuseries about Scythian nobility. Let us remember the main criteria for that: relatively short, wide, and heavy skull. As a matter of fact, Scythian physiognomy was purely European judging by their representations on different artifacts, like the vessel from the Gaimanov grave – as can be seen, there was nothing either Asian or even Near Eastern about their facial features. The first person who comes to the author’s mind is world-famous Sergiy Korolev. Curiously, by some sheer coincidence, Sergiy’s last name translates as “Korol’s” or ‘King’s”. The second world famous Ukrainian could be Valery Zaluzhny, Head of Ukraine’s Armed Forces in the current war with Muscovy. The Klitschko brothers, Olexandr Usyk should also be in the cast considering their fighting spirit that would fit most prominent Scythian legends.

Usyk was born in Tauric land (Crimea), which is the land of the Tauroscythians.

Royal Scythia, Greece, Kyiv Rus” book has more facts in this regard and provides some answers for possible questions.



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