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Bucha Massacre proves Holodomor was Genocide too

The horrific acts of atrocities committed by the Russians in 2022 can serve as a proof of two facts: Ukrainians are different...

Shower ‘Javelin’

Ukrainians have put Javelin rocket case to good use. "Shower fire on Russians. Shower water on us."

Russia steals grain from Ukraine. Uses the same wording as in Holodomor in 1932

Russia officially authorized robbing Ukraine of its grain. In the scanned document above, Krasnoyarsk legislators permit "expropriation of the surpluss of...

Ukraine’s new tank can take on Russia’s best, but Kyiv can’t afford it, –...

"When Kiev announced it would revive the same spirit of industry that bred its Soviet-era tank manufacture, boosting production for a new...

History as a Weapon in Russia’s War on Ukraine, – Atlantic Council

"We learn that “the Russians” suffered twenty-seven million losses before taking Berlin. Meanwhile, there is scant reference to the fact Ukraine saw...

Impromptu feeders for pets in Ukrainian ruined cities

Volunteers place impromptu feeders for pets in the destroyed blocks so cats and dogs don't starve to death

Ukraine disrupts the Russian church’s imperial vision – Eurasianet

Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko scoffed at Putin’s claim. “Prince Volodymyr of Kyiv baptized not Russia, but Ukraine,” Poroshenko said on the...

Hague International Criminal Court publishes a Preliminary Report

"266. ...The Office also assessed that direct military engagement between the respective armed forces of the Russian Federation and Ukraine, indicated...

Fingers point at Russian state over Petya hack attack on Ukraine, – Financial Times

“As important government systems have been targeted, then in case the operation is attributed to a state, this could count...

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