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Bucha Massacre proves Holodomor was Genocide too

The horrific acts of atrocities committed by the Russians in 2022 can serve as a proof of two facts: Ukrainians are different...

Moskva war ship after being hit by Neptune missile. Confirmed picture

The ship is tilted to its left side. Just as reported by Ukraine.

‘The Tale of Igor’s Campaign’ is a Ukrainian epic about repelling Asiatic forces including...

Per Wikipedia, 'The Tale of Igor's Campaign' is an anonymous epic poem written in the Old East Slavic language. Britannica calls...

Ukrainian Church, Moscow, Constantinople

Here is a quick look at how Ukrainian Cossacks experienced reality and difference of Moscow church from the one they attended...

‘Russian is literally a two-legged pig’ – 18th century English traveler Edward Clarke

Edward Daniel Clarke (5 June 1769 – 9 March 1822) was an English naturalist, minerologist, and traveller (Wikipedia). One of his bestsellers sold over Europe...

Ukraine gave up 5, 000 nukes. Russia’s attack may have broken the deal –...

Twenty-five years ago, Ukraine was the world's third-largest nuclear power, with more warheads than the United Kingdom, France and China...

War in Ukraine was years in the making – Atlantic Council


Israel Zangwill: Russia was largely responsible for the Anti-Jewish pogroms in Ukraine

Israel Zangwill Commends New Republic's Attitude Toward the Jews in Ukraine (A letter from Israel Zangwill, noted writer and President of...

Russia’s Modus Operandi in Exterminating Smaller Nations

"Since the unsuccessful revolution of 1830, the aspect of affairs has been entirely changed. Poland has been treated as a conquered...

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