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George Kistiakowsky: Ukrainian who made Manhatten Project work and first Atomic bomb explode

" George Kistiakowsky (1900-1982) was a Ukrainian-American physical chemist.  He joined the Manhattan...

Natalie Wood and Elizabeth Taylor, 1948

Natalia Zakharenko is the real name of this Hollywood star actress (“West Side Story” film had 11 Academy Award nominations)....

Ukrainian Chief Scientist of the U.S. Air Force credited for initiation of GPS

But Yarymovych knew the idea of space-based navigation was beautiful; it just wasn’t being sold right. He went...

Alex Len’s trade to Kings has been ‘pleasant surprise’ this season – NBC Sports

Len will play a big role in the Kings' playoff chase, assuming the NBA season resumes with Sacramento still...

Bill Mosienko scored fastest hat trick in NHL history 23 March, 1952

The melodrama that soon would unfold defied credulity; and it was all because of a minuscule right wing...

The founder of the geosynchronous communications satellite industry and NRO in the USA was...

Joseph Vincent Charyk (September 9, 1920 – September 28, 2016) was widely credited as the founder of the geosynchronous communications...

Chuck Palahniuk of Ukrainian descent


Camille Ewald, Mike Tyson’s Ukrainian adoptive mother

Camille Ewald was born March 10, 1905, in Staromishchana, Ukraine, and was the daughter of the late Hnat and...

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