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Ukrainian refugees grateful in deed

Cleanliness as a noble trait in Ukrianians has been observed by many travellers - Edward Clark and John Steinbeck...

Ukrainians in NHL

Did you know that the greatest Wayne Gretzky is half-Ukrainian (on his father's side) and grew up in Ukrainian environment? His...

William Kurelek & his Ukrainian Maze

Future "Christian mystic, bestselling author and illustrator", William Kurelek was the eldest of the seven children of Ukrainian emmigrant family in northern Alberta...

Movie about legendary Ukrainian-Canadian goalkeeper

His last name in Ukraine is pronounced as Savchouk (second vowel as in "hook" - ).

Canada celebrates Ukrainian Immigrants Day

In September of 1891, the first two Ukrainians were recorded as arriving in Canada. Today there are over 1.3...

Chuck Palahniuk of Ukrainian descent


Alex Len’s trade to Kings has been ‘pleasant surprise’ this season – NBC Sports

Len will play a big role in the Kings' playoff chase, assuming the NBA season resumes with Sacramento still...

5 Most Famous Ukrainian Americans

Ihor Sykorski - the father of helicopter engineering. Assembled his first two trial helicopters while still living in his...

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