Grasshoppers on Golden Pectoral from Tovsta Mogyla


The ends of the lower zone of the Pectoral terminate in the hounds coursing hares and grasshoppers confronting each other. Already Boris Mozolevsky, the archaeologist who found the Pectoral, noted that the grasshoppers are of different sexes. Scholars like D. Rayevsky think that this fact should imply the recreative function of Nature.

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The ring (below) from the Bosporan Kingdom with its capital in Crimea has a representation of a grasshopper as well.

Cradle of Civilizations” book has several chapters devoted to the most notable artifacts discovered in the prominent mounds of the Bosporan Kingdom. (There was another Pectoral found by the way).

You may want to have a closer look either on the Scythian Faces on the Pectoral, or the Birds on it.

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