Hohol, Ukrainian Cossacks’ famous haircut


“The distinctive mark of a Black Sea Cossack, borne by the lower order among them, of a braided lock from the crown of the head, passing behind the right ear, is retained even by the officers, but concealed by the younger part of them, with very artful foppery, among their dark hair. They seemed ashamed to have it noticed, although, like a relic on the breast of a Catholic, it was preserved even with religious veneration; and there was not one of them who would not sooner have parted with his life, than with this badge of the tribe to which he belonged,” – observed Dr. Edward Clarke when meeting Ukrainian Cossacks in the Kuban area around 1800. Another word in Ukrainian for such kind of hairstyle in Oseledets. Boxer Usyk wears such kind of haristyle during his bouts.

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