It’s Kyiv Rus correct not Kievan Rus


Kyiv not Kiev

“In June 2019, at the request of the United States Department of State, the Embassy of Ukraine to the United States, and Ukrainian organizations in America, the name Kyiv was officially adopted by the United States Board on Geographic Names as the only correct one, which resulted in the federal government of the United States using only the new name. Before that, both names were used.

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The name Kyiv instead of Kiev began to be used by the BBC, The Guardian, Associated Press, The Wall Street JournalThe Globe and MailThe Washington Post, Financial TimesThe Economist, The Daily Telegraph, The New York Times and other foreign media. (Wikipedia)

Rus Vikings

There were Viking in service to Kyiv Kings, and not just Vikings but local Scandinavian kings and even future King of Norway and Denmard Harald Hardrada.

Kyiv Rus book

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It also explains why Russia has no connection to the history of Rus, and why referring to Kyiv Rus history as ‘early Russian’ would be committing the same grave mistake as naming the history of Roman empire the Romanian one.

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