Kyiv Golden Gate at Winter Solstice


The picture was taken by the author of this post at noon (13 o’clock ‘winter time’) on December 20, 2023. The actual Winter Solstice is on December 22, but cloudy weather without sunshine was forecast for that day. The shot was taken from the southern entrance to the St. Sophia Cathedral. The fact that the sun is located right above the Golden Gate at the height of its orbit during Winter Solstice may not be accidental and it may be possible that a certain alignment was envisioned during the construction of the Gate. It was while composing a previous article about the circular city of Gor that the following plan of the city drew the author’s attention: 

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The plan above brought the recollection of the similar plat of St Sophia in Kyiv in which orientation from the T.N. (true north) is also several degrees to the east. As a result, a curiosity arose to look for possible alignments of the city gates with the sun during Winter Solstice.

What could be the relationship of the very distant Iranian city of Gor with Ukraine? First, in one of the burial mounds near Kyiv a royal hat was discovered with the symbols that were present on the headdresses of the royal Parthian dynasty. This fact in itself tells that there were much stronger ties between Kyiv and the Parthian Empire than is currently believed. As a reminder, ancient historians were telling their readers that those were the European Scythians who founded Near Eastern empires.

The “Royal Scythia, Greece, Kyiv Rus” has a deeper inside into those ties.

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