Lessons for modern-day ‘Chamberlains’ 85 years later


85 years ago, on 30.09.1938, Neville Chamberlain after negotiating with Adolf Hitler proudly proclaimed to have achieved Peace in Our Time. Part of that ‘Peace Deal” was letting Hitler have Czechoslovakia. We all know how ‘great’ it worked out. because only 11 months later Germany and Russia started the bloodiest war in the history of humankind. And Czechoslovakia’s powerful industry was already working full capacity on Germany’s military power. A couple of parallels come to mind with the current war Russia wages on Ukraine. First, one cannot appease a dictator like Hitler or Putin. It is like trying to appease a crocodile. Chamberlain’s appeasement of Hitler by giving him Czechoslovakia brought WW2 closer. Appeasement of Putin by letting him have part of Ukraine will have the same result. Second, any part of another country a dictator captures, he will use to increase his military power. In case there is no industry left in the area, the dictator will turn the population into ‘cannon fodder’. One can see it happening in Chechnya. One can see it taking place in the occupied regions of Ukraine where there are almost no men left to keep the coal mines operational. Russia must be defeated, and pay retributions. It is the only way to peace.

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