Moscow myth about “great Kursk tank battle” exposed


“The battle of Prokhorovka was steeped in Soviet legend (and myth) for many decades. This remained the case until post-Soviet era research revealed the reality of a Soviet armoured disaster. Building on this knowledge this article explores Luftwaffe reconnaissance photographs taken in the days and weeks immediately following the battle of Prokhorovka. The photographs provide visual confirmation across the battlefield of the demise of the 5th Guards Tank Army’s 18th and 29th Tank Corps’. The battle’s most famous locations are visualized (many for the first time) in wartime photographs; these include the notorious anti-tank ditch, Hill 252.2, Oktiabrskiy state farm, Storozhevoye Woods and the site of Tiger tank duels on and close to Hill 241.6..

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..The battlefield remained largely unaltered from 12 July. As a result, these photographs depict the Soviet armoured disaster (the entire 5th Guards Tank Army lost around 235 fighting vehicles written off) with absolute clarity.

..German tank losses were minuscule by comparison, with just five battle tanks ultimately being written of.”

Largest Tank Battle Ever

(Journal of Intelligence History)

And the second level lie Moscow created was hiding a truly Largest Tank Battle of all times which took place in Ukraine.

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