‘Russians’ are the Volga Finns, not Slavs


Waiver: All nations are equal and the Finns are one of the most advanced nations in Europe these days. The reason for writing this short article is the author’s belief that the pretext for the current war of Russia against Ukraine is the history and the name Moscow stole from Kyiv Rus. (“Ukraine’s Total Recall” article written before the full-scale invasion is proof that such belief is not a recent one). First, we look up “Volga-Finns” in Wikipedia to see who they are and where they have lived for ages. (Moscow’s claims that the Slavs came to live to their marshes is ridiculous because of what was going on in that area after the Golden Horde’s conquest. Read “How Moscow Became Capital“). At times, even Moscow historians recognized that their nation “stemmed from the Finnish root” like Russian historian Prof. Dmitry Korsakov in his book “Merya and Rostovskoe Kniazhestvo” written in 1872. The book is significant enough to be part of the Library of Russia’s President. So, why is the fact of nationality important? Here is why.
Once the educated world realizes the fact that ‘Russia’ is the historical Muscovy there would be no place left for Moscow rulers to claim the territories of other nations. There would be no place left for Moscow’s claims of some its “historic lands” near or in Crimea for example. People around the world would better understand Ukrainians who state that the only historic lands Muscovites can claim are the marshes inside Moscow’s “golden ring”.

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