Russia’s Modus Operandi in Exterminating Smaller Nations


“Since the unsuccessful revolution of 1830, the aspect of affairs has been entirely changed. Poland has been treated as a conquered province, and its nationality utterly annihilated. The Emperor Nicholas declared, by a ukase, that Poland had ceased to exist as a kingdom, and “that its inhabitants form but one nation with Russians, bound together by uniform and national sentiments.” The diet was abolished, the Russian language substituted for the Polish in the tribunals, the University of Warsaw was closed, with the exception of the medical, theological, and astronomical classes, and its valuable collections of books, manuscripts, and medals, were carried off to Petersburg.” [source] Harvard Professor Richard Pipes in his book “Russia Under the Old Regime“: We have here clear proof that concealed behind lofty slogans of‘national tasks’ lay the very mundane reality of seizing resources to satisfy Russia’s insatiable appetite for land, and in the process, shoringup the internal position of the monarchy. The situation has not changed today. For example, census figures show that in Latvia and Estonia, occupied by the USSR in 1940 in consequence of the Nazi-Soviet pact, there has occurred in the subsequent thirty years (1940-70) a very substantial influx of Russians. This migration combined with mass deportations to Russia proper of Latvians and Estonians, has more than tripled the number of Russian inhabitants in these two conquered republics (from 326,000 to 1,040,000) and nearly tripled their proportionate share of the population (from io-8 per cent to 28-0 per cent).” Exactly the same methods were and are presently used in Ukraine – an earlier article “Ukraine’s Total Recall” describes it in every detail. Russia does resemble a Bloated Toad. But even more, it resembles the tumorous cancer.

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