Scythian Heracles and Medusa gold plates from Chmyreva Barrow in Ukraine


“Harness and cars were decorated with all imaginable metal plates of gold or bronze. Especially important were the frontlets and cheek ornaments on the horses’ heads. The finest specimens of all are perhaps those found in Chmyreva barrow… we have round and oval plates embossed and then finished with the burin, large ones representing the head of Hercules in his lion’s skin, smaller ones with Medusa and cheek plates both of the common wing shape and of a special singularly elegant pattern…Interesting is the treatment of the gorgoneion. As has been seen, the Scyths had long been accustomed to the archaic round-faced type with the tongue out, and here we have the same type translated into the less naive forms of later art.” [E. Minns]

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