‘Targitaus hands his bow to his youngest son’ scene on Gaimanova Mogila cup?


Scythologist Dmitry Raevsky in an article at the UNESCO site wrote: “A few years ago, during the excavations at Gaimanova Mogila in Ukraine, a vessel was found showing another young Scythian taking an oblong object from the hands of an older man. Unfortunately, that part of the vessel was seriously damaged and the object cannot be made out. But the content of the scene and the appearance of the characters make it possible for us to see here the very moment at which Targitaus hands his bow to his youngest son. On the opposite side of the vessel are two other Scythians, who may well be the victor’s exiled brothers.”
“According to one version of this legend, Targitaus-Heracles had three sons. In order to determine which of them was the most worthy of becoming the ruler of the Scythians, he decided to put them to a test. Each had to attempt to string his father’s bow and strap on the belt which he wore in battle. This trial required, as may well be imagined, great strength and skill, and only the youngest of the brothers. Scythes, succeeded. According to the legend, he then became the first ruler of the Scythians, and his two older brothers were sent into exile. This subject is depicted in an astonishing number of works of Scythian art.”

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