U.S. bombed Romanian oil refineries in WW2 for the same reason Ukraine bombs Russian refineries now


Operation Tidal Wave was an air attack by bombers of the United States Army Air Forces (USAAF) based in Libya on nine oil refineries around Ploiești, Romania on 1 August 1943, during World War II. It was a strategic bombing mission and part of the “oil campaign” to deny petroleum-based fuel to the Axis powers. The mission resulted in “no curtailment of overall product output”. This operation was one of the costliest for the USAAF in the European Theater, with 53 aircraft and 500 aircrewmen lost. It was proportionally the most costly major Allied air raid of the war, and its date was later referred to as “Black Sunday“. This fact should serve as a reminder to the current American politicians who ”slam Ukrainian strikes on Russian refineries as risk to oil markets“.

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