Why the United States should support Ukraine


One of the many reasons why the US should support Ukraine in its war against Russian aggression is because it insisted on Ukraine’s disarmament. As a just and fair nation, the US has been correcting the mistake and it should be thanked for that. Another reason is that Ukraine gave away the Third-largest nuclear arsenal in the world.(Read the recent article in The National Interest Deceit, Dread, and Disbelief: The Story of How Ukraine Lost Its Nuclear Arsenal‘ in which archival files reveal Washington’s error in cudgeling Ukraine to give up its nuclear weapons despite the risk of a Russian invasion). The greater part of the missiles that used to be located in Ukraine were aimed at the US and by giving them away, Ukraine saved billions of dollars of the US taxpayers’ money that would have had to be spent keeping those rockets under control. As a reminder, those were the missiles Ukraine engineered and manufactured that caused the Cuban Crises. And Ukraine is also the sole producer of the most powerful ballistic missile in the world. (And it may be one of the many reasons why Moscow wanted to capture Ukraine – to get the technology and the industrial base to resume that missile’s production). This post is aimed mostly at the people who forgot the things mentioned above. Support Ukraine until its Victory! It’s a grateful country thus you will gain a faithful friend and ally for ages.

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