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Episode 5 of Chernobyl HBO has a picture of Kiev doctors who actually made a miracle saving hundreds of lives including part of the same firefighters team shown in Episodes 1 and 2

Posted 6/15/2019



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"Claims that those evacuated to Moscow had received higher radiation dosage than those who were treated in Kiev, are not valid enough because in Kiev there were firefighers from the same team who even worked on the ROOF of the REACTOR: Archived 1986 Article"

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Canadian Spaceport in Nova Scotia Gets Environment Ministry Approval to Move Forward

Posted 6/6/2019

"Maritime Launch Services is a Halifax based startup looking to build a spaceport in Nova Scotia to launch satellites. They plan on initially using a Ukrainian Yuzhnoye designed Cyclone 4M medium-class rocket which is being built by Yuzhmash, also of Ukraine. The spaceport could eventually be home to other launch companies as well." (Article)

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Remembering the Soviet Response to Chernobyl

Posted 6/4/2019

"Perhaps the worst example of this total disregard for the truth and human lives came on May 1. Winds that had initially blown the radiation north and over the Scandinavian monitoring devices had turned and were keeping most of the increasing radiation over Ukraine, Belarus, and some areas within Russia. While this radiation continued to drop over the Ukrainian countryside, the Soviets staged their annual extravagant May Day parade in Moscow. Mikhail Gorbachev, whose leadership guided the Kremlin response, smiled and waved to the crowd in Red Square. To the south, just 90 miles from where the fires of Chornobyl were still burning out of control, the Soviets staged another massive parade in Kyiv that included children dancing down Kyiv’s broad central avenue, Khreshchatyk. Perhaps the only noticeable difference from previous May Day celebrations in Kyiv was the fact that as the marchers and dancers reached the reviewing stands where Communist Party bosses traditionally watched the festivities, they found the stands empty." (National Review 2011)

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Ukraine vs. Russia Case in UN Court of Justice

Posted 6/4/2019


Full MEMORIAL on the Court's Official site.



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Chernobyl: horrifying, masterly television that sears on to your brain, - The Guardian

Posted 5/30/2019

"Chernobyl should not be as enjoyable as it is. As a drama, it is unremittingly grim (what with Years and Years and The Virtues also standing up as must-see television, this is a particularly busy period for stress-viewing). Even its hints of heroism – Legasov and Khomyuk defying party officials to try and stem the ramifications of the disaster – are tempered by them sending innocent men to die, and by the knowledge that Legasov’s card is very much marked." (Article

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UN Tribunal Orders Russia to Release Ukrainian Sailors, Ships, - Bloomberg

Posted 5/25/2019

"Ukraine won a legal victory Saturday against Russia over last year’s naval clash off the coast of Crimea, as a United Nations tribunal ordered Moscow to immediately release the ships and sailors it captured." (Full Story)

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The big picture: national pride flourishes amid war in Ukraine, - The Guardian

Posted 5/23/2019

"ver the past three years, London-based photographer Mark Neville has been travelling around Ukraine to work on several wide-ranging projects: one about holidaymakers in Odessa, another about people at worship, and an extensive series depicting the 2 million people in the country displaced by conflict on the eastern front. His latest project saw him documenting folk songs, often sung by internally displaced Ukrainians." (Article)

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Kyiv among 10 of the world’s best city views, - Guardian

Posted 5/18/2019

Pastel-hued St Andrew’s Church, at the top of a steep hill in the historic Podil district of Kyiv, has wonderful baroque architecture. But what really sets this church apart from the many others is the viewing platform, accessed for a mere 60p, which affords magnificent 360-degree views of the city. You can gaze down upon the colourful old houses, domed churches and the cobbled street known as the Andriyivskyy Descent before turning around to discover the river and modern city. (List)

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Chernobyl producers prioritise authenticity with on location filming taking place in a nuclear reactor plant and the Chernobyl exclusion zone

Posted 5/12/2019

"The five-part miniseries dramatises the events surrounding the 1986 nuclear disaster in Chernobyl, Ukraine. Over one-hundred and fifty sets were built and shooting took place across Ukraine, the UK and Lithuania. The ambitious project saw accuracy and detail as essential to its philosophy. To this end, second unit filming took place in Chernobyl’s exclusion zone, as well as principal production at a nuclear reactor plant in Lithuania." (LocationGuide)

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John Paskievich, a Ukrainian-Canadian photographer and filmmaker

Posted 5/8/2019

"He was born in a Displaced Persons Camp in Austria just after the Second World War before moving to Winnipeg, where he grew up in the North End in the 1950s and 1960s. In the early 1970s, after studying photography in Toronto, Paskievich began turning his camera to the community of his youth, its inhabitants, wide streets and boulevards, warehouses and corner stores." (Interview)

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Kyiv (Key-Eve)

Capital of Ukraine, one of the ancient and most beatilul cities in Europe. Take a craneflight over this amazing city!
If you land in Kiev, there are places you will want to visit:

Lviv (Leo-Viv)

City of Leo or Lion. Situated on the border between Ukraine and Poland, it represents the synergy of two cultures. 

Odessa (Oh-Dessa)

Colorful port city on the Black Sea famous all over the world.