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Ukraine Ranks 24th as the Best Country for Software Development

Posted 4/13/2019

"According to the report, IT service exports became the 2nd largest export industry in 2018. In 2015 Ukrainian IT exports made $2,6 billion, this number increased to $4.5 billion in 2018, showing a 20% year-over-year growth. According to UNIT.City, Ukrainian exports of IT services are expected to reach $5.4 billion in 2020 and $8.4 billion in 2025." (Source)

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Lomachenko vs Crolla: Conor McGregor fight would be ‘easy’ claims Ukrainian, - Independent

Posted 4/12/2019

"Vasyl Lomachenko claims it would be "easy" to beat Conor McGregor in the boxing ring and would happily gain the required weight to take on the UFC superstar. 

The Ukrainian defends his world lightweight titles against the Mancunian in Los Angeles in the early hours of Saturday morning and is a heavy favorite to retain the belt." (Article)

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Stop Overlooking Kyiv, Eastern Europe's Diamond In The Rough, - Forbes

Posted 4/12/2019

"...there are some seriously cool things happening in the city. Things that is setting Kyiv up to have a moment (if it isn’t already). From secret speakeasies and world-class cocktails to social projects supporting progressive endeavors across the city, to the coolest neighborhood to stay in when you visit and where you can actually get behind the wheel of a tank (yes, a tank), there’s so much more to Kyiv than you could ever imagine. Here’s what’s making Kyiv Eastern Europe’s coolest capital city to stop overlooking." (Full Story)

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New Chapter in the Book

Posted 4/10/2019

Today new chapter to the book has been added. It is titled "Turbojet and Turbofan Engines" and is about a Ukrainian who created the engines for the Soviet military planes and space program. Here are some excerpts from the chapter:


"In 1926, a young man from Kiev region entered Kiev Polytechnic Institute. It is the same Institute, in which Igor Sikorsky, Konstantin Kalinin and Sergei Korolev studied before him.

The man’s first name was Arkhip, his last name was Lyulka, which in Ukrainian means 'cradle'.


In April 1941, Arkhip Lyulka patented what was to become the first double-jet turbofan engine in the world...


...In 1976, the A. Lyulka design bureau created the AL-31F 4th generation engine. This engine would become the peak of Lyulka's work. This engine was installed on the Su-27 aircraft, on which from 1986 to 1988 more than 30 world records were established.

Nowadays, the absolute majority of gas-turbine engines in the world are built based on the Ukrainian innovator’s design."


If you have already purchased the book and want to have this chapter, I will send it to you with great pleasure - just send me an email mentioned in the book.

If you want to have the book, it is available in paperback and Kindle version on Amazon.

And on all major ebooks platforms: Nook, Kobo, Apple, etc.

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Kiev Express among the best European sleeper trains, - CNN

Posted 4/9/2019
"The Kiev Express carries passengers from Warsaw, Poland to Kiev in Ukraine, with options to sleep in a three-person compartment, double sleeper or single.
It takes over 17 hours and there's no food available, so another service where it's worth stocking up before you jump on board." (CNN)
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Ukrainian Museum in New York opens exhibition 'Ukraine’s Struggle for Independence 100 Years Ago'

Posted 4/9/2019

"Exhibition commemorates the 100th anniversary of one of the most dramatic and fateful periods in Ukrainian history – the struggle for independence from 1917 to 1921 – and traces the creation of the modern state of Ukraine on ethnic Ukrainian territories. On display are informative text and photo panels, official seals and medals, vintage flags, and dozens of original documents – artifacts bearing witness to the turbulent and important period that became the underpinning for the nation's long-awaited sovereignty, finally attained in 1991. The parallels between the struggle for independence one hundred years ago and Russia's aggression toward Ukraine today are all too vivid, engendering the exhibition's title Full Circle. Organizers of the exhibition include The Ukrainian Museum, the Museum of Kyiv History, and the Sheremetiev Museum (Kyiv). Taking part in the exhibition are 26 museums, archives, libraries, institutions of learning, and private collectors from four countries – Ukraine, Bulgaria, Switzerland, and the United States." (UkrainianMuseum)

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Wladimir Klitschko arranged VADA come to Kiev to test two President candidates for drugs

Posted 4/8/2019

"Experts of this organization will arrive in Kyiv soon. Let’s get the testing started! Are you ready?!" (Twitter/Klitschko)

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Ukraine now has its own cruise missile

Posted 4/5/2019

Ukraine has become the SIXTH country in the world who can produce its own cruise missile from scrach to finish.


"Kyiv-based LUCH design bureau successfully test-fired the indigenously developed Neptune anti-ship missile defense system on 5 April.

President of Ukraine, Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the AFU Petro Poroshenko took part in the trials of the latest Ukrainian cruise missile complex for defeating the marine and coastal targets “Neptune”. All components of the complex were produced at Ukrainian defense enterprises." (DefenceBlog)

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Cindy McCain in Kiev to observe Ukraine President elections

Posted 3/30/2019

"Kyiv mayor Vitali Klitschko met with Cindy McCain, the wife of US Senator John McCain, the delegation of the International Republican Institute (IRI) and the McCain Institute for International Leadership at Arizona State University. Cindy McCain co-leads the delegation that has arrived to Kyiv to observe a free democratic vote at Ukraine’s presidential election on March 31." (MayorKlichko)


"President Petro Poroshenko told Cindy McCain that in the near future one of the streets of Kyiv would be named after Senator John McCain - a great friend and advocate of Ukraine." (President's Official Site)

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Kiev Rus

Posted 3/25/2019

"Kievan Rus (862-1242 CE) was a medieval political federation located in modern-day Belarus, Ukraine, and part of Russia (the latter named for the Rus, a Scandinavian people). The name Kievan Rus is a modern-day (19th century CE) designation but has the same meaning as `land of the Rus’, which is how the region was referred to in the Middle Ages. The Rus ruled from the city of Kiev and so `Kievan Rus’ simply meant “the lands of the Rus of Kiev”.

The Rus are first mentioned in the Annals of Saint-Bertin which records their presence in a diplomatic mission from Constantinople to the court of Louis the Pious (r. 814-840 CE) in 839 CE. The annals claim they were Swedes, and this is possible, but their ethnicity has never been firmly established. (Ancient History Encyclopedia)


Nice article with only couple corrections to be made:

1. "Russia" has nothing to do with the legacy of Kiev Rus. Even if the Rurik dynasty came to Kiev from Novgorod, it was the Swedish dynasty, not "russian". That is the reason the colors of Ukrainian and Swedish flags are identical.

2.  Kiev Rus had become a Kingdom a bit earlier - Askold was recognized as a King by Constantinople already in 860. 

The faulty logic used by Moscow to claim Kiev Rus' legacy by the fact that the Rurik dynasty arrived to Kiev from Novgorod is riduculous. By such logic, France can claim the whole British legacy by alluding to William the Conqueror who came to Britain from Normandy.

Besides, the home town of the Rurik dynasty was the Swedish city of Sigtuna, where the future King Vladimir the Great spent 5 years in exhile (in the article it is Norway).


P.S. It is strange that the author mentions St. Sophia Cathedral in Novgorod which Yaroslav the Wise started to build, but does not know that the St. Sophia Cathedral in Kiev had been finished. The Kiev one is on the UNESCO list and symbolizes Kiev as a "New Constantinople."


"Kievan Rus is slated to be featured in Season 6 of the popular TV series Vikings through the recurring character of Oleg the Prophet." 

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Kyiv (Key-Eve)

Capital of Ukraine, one of the ancient and most beatilul cities in Europe. Take a craneflight over this amazing city!
If you land in Kiev, there are places you will want to visit:

Lviv (Leo-Viv)

City of Leo or Lion. Situated on the border between Ukraine and Poland, it represents the synergy of two cultures. 

Odessa (Oh-Dessa)

Colorful port city on the Black Sea famous all over the world.