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Lobanovsky vs Beskov among 6 of football's best managerial rivalries ever

Posted 11/13/2019

Like Clough and Revie, Menotti and Bilardo, these two former managers of the Soviet Union could hardly have been more opposed in their methods. 

Thermal engineering graduate Lobanovsky, who had three separate spells as USSR boss, was akin to a scientist in his analytical planning and hands-on coordination. Beskov saw football as art and was more than happy to give his players the creative freedom to express themselves on the pitch. The conflict was at its fiercest in the late-'70s and throughout the ’80s, when Lobanovsky was in charge of Dynamo Kiev and Beskov was at Spartak Moscow.

Lobanovsky had the upper hand in terms of trophies – Dynamo won the Soviet Supreme League four times between 1980 and 1986, bookended by Spartak getting their hands on the championship in 1979 and 1987 – but Beskov won plenty of plaudits and admirers for his team’s entertaining style of play. (fourfourtwo.com)


Lobanovsky also "guided Dynamo Kiev football club to eight Soviet league championships, six Soviet Cups, five straight Ukrainian league titles (1997–2001), two European Cup–Winners’ Cups (1975 and 1986), the 1975 Union des Associations Européennes de Football (UEFA) Super Cup title, and the semifinal of the UEFA Champions League in 1999." (Britannika)


Three players of Lobanovsky's teams - Oleh Blokhin, Ihor Belanov and Andriy Shevchenko received the Golden Ball as the best players of European football. 

In the whole Soviet football history, there was only a goalkeeper Lev Yashin who received a similar award in 1963 besides those three Ukrainian forwards.

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Dynamo Kiev vs Barcelona among the greatest Champions League games

Posted 11/12/2019

20. Barcelona 0-4 Dynamo Kiev

Group stage, 1997/98

In 1986, a nine-year-old child had to be evacuated from his home in Kiev’s suburbs after the Chernobyl nuclear reactor 80 miles north exploded, spewing a radioactive cloud into the atmosphere.

Eleven years later, Andriy Shevchenko was scoring a hat-trick against a Barça side that featured Rivaldo and Luis Figo. “In Kiev, we had beaten Barcelona 3-0 and a friend said, ‘Let’s see how you do in the return’,” Sheva later laughed. “He bet me that I wouldn’t score three goals. He ended up buying dinner.”

Kiev reached the semi-finals the following season before Shevchenko moved on to Milan. (fourfourtwo.com)



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UN court says it has jurisdiction in Ukraine-Russia case

Posted 11/8/2019

THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) — The United Nations’ highest court ruled Friday that it has jurisdiction in a case brought by Ukraine that alleges Russia breached treaties on terrorist financing and racial discrimination following its annexation of Crimea by arming rebels in eastern Ukraine and reining in the rights of ethnic Tartars and other minorities (APnews)

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Canso spaceport partners with U.S. company to recycle Ukrainian rockets in space

Posted 11/7/2019

"MLS plans to launch satellites for use in near-earth imaging, communications and scientific experiments from a spaceport it will develop in Canso, N.S.

The company plans to use Cyclone 4M rockets, designed by Ukrainian company Yuzhnoye and manufactured by Yuzhmash.

Manber said right now, the upper stages of the Cyclone 4M would not likely be usable for human purposes such as hotels because "we're not sure it would be safe for humans" due to the type of fuel that's used. Yuzhnoye is working on developing "green" fuels, Manber said.

But the Cyclone 4M could be used for other purposes such as building a fuel depot for journeys to Mars, Manber said." (CBC.ca)

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Newly released PlayStation ad was filmed in Kyiv

Ashleigh Barty and Elina Svitolina to battle for richest prize in tennis - CNN

Posted 11/3/2019

World No.1 Ashleigh Barty and defending champion Elina Svitolina will face off for the richest prize in tennis after the pair came through tough three-set semifinals at the WTA Finals in China Saturday. (CNN)

"Svitolina and Barty have played each other five times and Svitolina has come out the victor in all five matches. In fact, Barty has only been able to grab two sets off Svitolina in those five matches, but their closest encounter came in March of this year at the BNP Paribas Open. Squaring off in the Round of 16 in the California desert, Barty lost a heartbreaker, 7-6(8), 5-7, 6-4." (WTA)

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Yuzhnoye SDO celebrates successul launch of Antares

Posted 11/3/2019

"Antares LV consists of two stages and Cygnus cargo vehicle (third stage). Core structure of the Antares’ first stage was developed by Yuzhnoye SDO and produced at SE PA PMZ in cooperation with Ukraine’s Hartron-Arkos (Kharkiv), Kievpribor (Kyiv), Hartron-Ucom (Zaporizhzhia), Chezara, Rapid (Chernigov) etc. The US-based Northrop Grumman Corporation is a prime developer of Antares LV.

Antares LV pre-launch processing, testing and launch were supported with participation of specialists of Yuzhnoye SDO, SE PA YMZ, and NPP Hartron-Arkos. Under the contract, launch technical support, real-time acquisition and processing of the telemetry information were provided from Yuzhnoye SDO territory. Yuzhnoye’s specialists have accomplished completely all respective operations in their areas of responsibility.

Under Antares program Ukrainian party has accomplished all the design, test and Stage 1 Core Structure hardware production liabilities undertaken under the contract with the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration." (Yuzhnoye SDO)

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Elina Svitolina wins longest tiebreak of 2019 to stun No.2 Pliskova

Posted 10/28/2019

"Re-live the action as defending champion Elina Svitolina held off No.2 Karolina Pliskova to earn a straight-set win in the Purple Group on Day 2 of the 2019 Shiseido WTA Finals Shenzhen." (WTA Tennis)

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Yuzhnoye State Design Office and Spacebit presented the Industrial and Research Lunar Base conceptual design

Posted 10/24/2019

UK-based Spacebit company in partnership with Yuzhnoye State Design Office presented the interactive conceptual design of the Industrial and Research Lunar Base of Yuzhnoye’s development using virtual reality technologies, during the London Science Festival New Scientist Live 2019.

Spacebit company goal is to land on the moon the small spider-like rover intended for exploration of lunar surface and lava tubes, as well as the searches of possible reserves of useful minerals, in 2021.

It is planned that the Spacebit payload will be delivered to the Moon by the American Peregrine lunar lander spacecraft, with other 16 payloads onboard, most of them were developed by NASA.

Pavlo Tanasyuk, Spacebit CEO and founder, originally hails from Ukraine. He took an interest in our company’s developments in the area of the Moon and near-lunar space exploration during his visit to Yuzhnoye SDO in August this year.

Spacebit company and Yuzhnoye SDO are the institutional members of Moon Village Association.

 New Scientist Live 2019 is the world’s greatest science festival that was held in London on October 10-13, 2019. The aim of the event is to educate, inspire, and evoke admiration on high ideas and innovation through science among the visitors of different ages.

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Five new chapters in "Ukraine & the United States" book

Posted 10/17/2019

- Moxel, Golden Horde, Muscovy

- Kingdom of Galicia, Lithuania, Heirs of Rus

- Russian Orthodoxy - Third Rome or New Sarai?

- The Song of Igor's Campaign, Vladimir Nabokov

- The Three Bogatyrs Painting by Vasnetsov


The book is available on Amazon in both formats.

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Kyiv (Key-Eve)

Capital of Ukraine, one of the ancient and most beatilul cities in Europe. Take a craneflight over this amazing city!
If you land in Kiev, there are places you will want to visit:

Lviv (Leo-Viv)

City of Leo or Lion. Situated on the border between Ukraine and Poland, it represents the synergy of two cultures. 

Odessa (Oh-Dessa)

Colorful port city on the Black Sea famous all over the world.