Athenian-type helmet from Scythian barrow in Ukraine


In 1845, near the village of Zvenyhorodka in the Cherkasy oblast of Ukraine, a notable barrow was opened. The barrow was different from the others in the area in that at its base it was encircled by a stone wall more than one meter thick. In a tomb, a human skeleton, clay vessel, Athenian helmet, and grieves made of Corinthian leather were found. “The shape of the helmet is the most ancient – Athenian, – wrote Samokvasov, the head of the excavations, – With such a helmet on her head, the ancients portrayed Minerva [goddess of wisdom]. In the delicacy of metal and work, it can compare to the most perfect example known to us in this area.” (Semenov, P., Zhivopisnaya Rossiya, vol. 5, p. 1, 1897)
It must be noted that a Scythian mounted warrior on the famous Solokha gold comb is represented with a very similar helmet on his head (title image). The full composition on top of the comb, although from a reverse side, can be seen here.

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