Mysterious Kernosiv Idol from Ukraine dating Third millennium BC is one of the finest statues of Indo-European period


According to Ukr Wiki, the unique statue was accidentally discovered while digging a silo pit in 1973 near the village of Kernosiv in the Dnipro oblast of Ukraine. The stela stands 1.20 m tall, 0.36 m wide, and 0.44 m thick. The facial features include not only eyes, a nose but also a drooping mustache. American archaeologist and Indo-Europeanist Professor J. P. Mallory in his 1994 article “The anthropomorphic stelae of Ukraine: the early iconography of the Indo-Europeans” describes Kernosiv menhir as ” one of the finest statues of its kind in Europe with respect both to the variety of its ornamentation and perfection of its execution“. 

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