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Oguz Scythian Kurgan Artifacts: Decoration Plates

You can read about the Oguz Royal Scythian Kurgan here.
Cloth w/ ornaments from Kyiv barrow, c 10 century

Heart-shaped ornamentations on Kyiv Rus textiles 1000 years ago. ‘Sacral Ivy’?

What could that ornamentation be? The author of this article thinks that it is a representaion of an ivy leaf. We...

Scythian Trousers

As can be seen in the title image, the horserider on the Solokha comb was portrayed wearing wide trousers known also...

Scythian Sword and Sheath from Solokha Royal Kurgan

Both were found in the second chamber of Solokha Royal Kurgan in Ukraine.

Griffins Pole-Tops from Alexandropol Kurgan

Scythian bronze Pole-top: figures of griffins, 4th c. B.C., Alexandropol Kurgan, Dnipro region, Ukraine. < Scythian Trident Pole Top ...

Scythian Torques/ Gryvnas

The torques or gryvnas were the symbols of high office in the Scythian world. These adornments were worn by both men...

Scythian Sacred Land of Gerroi and of Royal Barrows was the area near Kakhovka...

'The Father of History" Herodotus described the location of the royal Scythian necropolis in Book 4.71: "The kings of Scythia are...

Tovsta Mogyla Kurgan where Scythian Gold Pectoral was found

A large Scythian Royal Kurgan of the 4th century BC situated near Pokrova in the Dnipro oblast of Ukraine was excavated...

Who Was Buried in Alexandropol Kurgan: Skulls from Scythian Royal Barrow

A.E. Liutsenko who excavated Alexandropol kurgan in 1854–55, was the first who preserved the skulls of the people who were buried...

Tsymbalka Kurgan: Scythian Serpent Goddess

"On the S. side of the river, in the district of Melitopol, government of Taurida, is the barrow Tsymbalka near Bélozérka....

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