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Which famous Ukrainians could represent Royal Scythians?

News Site in the USA: "Netflix’s “Queen Cleopatra”, a four-part docuseries exploring the life and reign of Cleopatra, was released this...

Unique Pole top with Papaiosa [Scythian Zeus] and Scythian World Tree 

"The only gods they try to appease are Hestia, who is their most important divinity, Zeus, and Earth," whom they consider...

Scythian Goddess Pole-Top

Scythian bronze Pole-top: a Scythian goddess, 4th c. B.C., Alexandropol Kurgan, Dnipro region, Ukraine. Scholars like M. Rostovtzeff thought that the goddess...

Most unusual and possibly most ancient Scythian barrow near Kyiv: Perepyatykh kurgan

E. Minns in the "Scythians and Greeks" book published in 1913: "An isolated example recalling this type is the barrow called...

Oguz Barrow Artifacts: Scythian Horses’ Harness Decorations

You can read about the Oguz Royal Scythian Kurgan here.

Unique Royal Hat of a Rus ruler from a barrow near Kyiv

The hat was discovered in 1877 by archaeologist Samokvasov in the same barrow as the shirt mentioned in the previous article....

Scythian Trident Pole-top

Scythian bronze Pole-top: a trident with sculptured figures of birds with bells in the beaks on its tips, 4th c. B.C.,...

Scythian Origin. Coloxais, King of Kings

"According to the Scythians, theirs is the youngest of all nations, and it came into existence in the following way. The...

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