Royal Scythia

Scythian Empire i

Gold Comb, Solokha barrow, Ukraine

Scythians had enormous stature and were a terrifying sight for enemies

"In the daytime, however, the first thing to meet the Macedonians would be the terrifying sight of Scythians and Bactrians with...

Scythians in The Iliad

Not many people know that Homer mentioned Scythians in his Iliad, only they are mentioned in it under different name. Here...

Scythian Vessel with Hunting Scenes from Solokha Kurgan

The vessel has two hunting scenes in relief. In the first scene, two horseriders hunt a lion. The left horserider is...

European Scythians founded Persian and Bactrian empires, not vice versa

"They thrice aspired to the supreme command in Asia; while they themselves remained always either unmolested or unconquered by any foreign...

Alexandropol Scythian Royal Kurgan in Ukraine: Chief of ‘Big Barrows’

A century ago, British academic Dr. E. Minns concluded that the finest of the Scythian kurgans were "about the bend of...

Gold Phiale (Libation Bowl) from Solokha Scythian Kurgan

The phiale was found in the Solokha Royal Kurgan in Ukraine.

Scythian ceremonial gilded silver cup from Gaimanova Mogila Royal Kurgan in Ukraine

"The most outstanding work of Scytho-Classical art found in the Gaimanova Mogila kurgan is a small spherical gilded silver cup, with...

Athenian-type helmet from Scythian barrow in Ukraine

In 1845, near the village of Zvenyhorodka in the Cherkasy oblast of Ukraine, a notable barrow was opened. The barrow was...

Ancient gold coin from Bosporan Kingdom in Crimea sells for a record-breaking £4.8m

"The rare stater depicting a satyr—a "marvel of speaking portraiture"—was once in the collection of the State Hermitage Museum but was...

Scythian Battle-Scene Golden Comb from Solokha Kurgan in Ukraine

Famous Scythologist and Dr. of History Anastasia Mantsevich (1899-1982) in her book "Kurgan Solokha" wrote that the bronze helmet found on...

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