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Scythian Trident Pole-top

Scythian bronze Pole-top: a trident with sculptured figures of birds with bells in the beaks on its tips, 4th c. B.C.,...

Amazon Sarcophagus from Terquinii, Etruscan Culture

The sarcophagus, painted with various scenes of an Amazonomachia, was discovered in 1869 in a grave at a little distance from Corneto,...

Tovsta Mogyla Kurgan where Scythian Gold Pectoral was found

A large Scythian Royal Kurgan of the 4th century BC situated near Pokrova in the Dnipro oblast of Ukraine was excavated...

Scythian Warlord from Great Ryzhanovka Kurgan

Chochorowski, Skoryj in the Bolshoi Ryzhanovsky Kurgan book: "Beginning from the entrance, the burial chamber was divided for most of its length...

Which famous Ukrainians could represent Royal Scythians?

News Site in the USA: "Netflix’s “Queen Cleopatra”, a four-part docuseries exploring the life and reign of Cleopatra, was released this...

Scythian Husband and Wife burial that is 3,000 years old found in Ukraine

The burial of the Scythian pair, most likely husband and wife was found in the Ternopil region in Ukraine. It dates...

‘Amazon in Battle’ scene on golden scabbard from Chertomlyk Royal Barrow in Ukraine

The sheath was first described for international audience in the "Scythians and Greeks" book by E. Minns published in 1913. Below...

Scythian sword in golden scabbard from Tovsta Mogyla Kurgan

The Golden Pectoral and the Scythian sword in golden scabbards were saved by the large chunk of earth that had fallen...

Situla from Great Ryzhanovka Kurgan

Situla (plural situlae), from the Latin word for 'bucket' or 'pail', is the term in archaeology and art history for a variety of...

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