Geometric Secrets of Varna Artifacts: Golden Bulls


Bulgarian mathematician Hristo Smolenov in his article for the American Journal of Applied Mathematics published in 2021 expressed his confidence that the ancient codes were embedded in world-famous artifacts like the Sphinx and pyramids on the plateau of Giza. According to him, “The same spatial codes are to be found materialized in the most ancient processed gold on Earth – the treasure trove of Varna Necropolis (4600 – 4200 BC). Amazing is the match found between those two groups of artifacts, bearing in mind that the gold from Varna Necropolis is at least 2000 years older than the pyramids. But the prototype of their sacred measure – the so-called royal cubit – emerges in the system of measures related to the famous Varna Necropolis. It is there that I have been able to identify the prototypes of universal constants like the Golden Ratio and Pi.” (H. Smolenov, Reviving the Sphinx by Means of Constants – Codes in a Creative Space).

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S. Popov in The Chalcolithic Civilization at Varna article added more details: “The two gold bulls from grave № 36, the many anthropomorphic elliptical bone figures, and other artifacts in the necropolis are also proportional. All this shows that the ancient Egyptians in their famous building projects also used the unit of length measurement known to the chalcolithic builders in Varna.

The possession of standards of weight and length is something quite amazing since it speaks of unsuspected knowledge. The many mathematical ratios and constants encoded in the artifacts are real evidence of the existence of science. Studies by Hristo Smolenov and Hristov Mihailov have revealed the existence of the transcendental constants of π (=3.14) and φ (=1.618), the so-called „golden ratio” and the linked „virtual” angle 82.247º. The people from Varna were aware of the basic geometric figures and dependencies. They divided it into 360º and they had a notion of right anglesPythagorean theorems, and the Fibonacci sequence

However impressive the number of objects may be, the quality of the funereal items is even more astonishing. The three golden bulls are of particular significance. They are the earliest prototypes of the so-called “golden calf”.

Artifacts from the Varna I necropolis were used as measuring units and mathematical constants.”

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