World’s Oldest Gold in the Wealthiest Burial of the 5th Millennium B.C. First Kings of Europe


In October 1972, near the modern-day city of Varna in Bulgaria a vast Copper Age necropolis dating to the 5th Millennium BC was discovered by chance. Here is how Dr. David Anthony described the find: “The Varna cemetery in eastern Bulgaria had the most ostentatious funerals in the world, richer than anything of the same age in the Near East. Among the 281 graves at Varna, 61 (22%) contained more than three thousand golden objects together weighing 6 kg (13.2 lb). Two thousand of these were found in just four graves (1, 4, 36, and 43). Grave 43, an adult male, had golden beads, armrings, and rings totaling 1,516 grams (3.37 lb), including a copper axe-adze with a gold-sheathed handle”. D. W. Bailey provided more details on that outstanding burial: “Grave 43 contained the skeleton of a male aged between 40 and 50 years. The body was laid out on its back and ochre was found to one side near a pot. Both the quantity and the appearance of the grave-goods are striking. The grave contained over a thousand objects, including 890 gold beads, 42 round gold appliqués, 16 gold rings; 11 gold lip- or ear-plugs, 10 other gold appliqués, six sheet-gold rings for covering an axe handle, five sheet-gold rings for covering a bow, a Spondylus bracelet with two pieces of sheet-gold covering, two convex gold discs positioned over the deceased’s knees, a stone axe-sceptre with four sheet-gold shaft-coverings, two flat gold plates at the deceased’s waist, a gold penis-sheath, four gold armrings, three copper axes, a copper chisel, a copper awl, a copper point, a flint point, three flint blades (one of which was 39 cm long), two stone axes, four pots, a vessel lid and two bone points”. The video below shows this and other burials of the necropolis. The information in it is yet another argument in support of the material in the “Cradle of Civilizations book published earlier this year.

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