Most unusual and possibly most ancient Scythian barrow near Kyiv: Perepyatykh kurgan


E. Minns in the “Scythians and Greeks” book published in 1913: “An isolated example recalling this type is the barrow called Perepjatikha, in the district of Vasilkév (Kyiv government), opened in 1845. It is far to the west of the central Scythic group, but cannot be classed with the generality of Scythic barrows in the Kyiv government. It contained fourteen skeletons under a wooden roof upon which stones had been piled; by four of them were lumps of paint, necklets, metal disks, one bronze arrow, two iron axes, an earthen vessel with a stone stand, and 24 gold plaques of griffins once sewn on to a whitey-yellow stuff. This is not a normal Scythic tomb, and the paint suggests an early date; perhaps the Scythic objects belong to an intruded interment.” Ukr Wikipedia Page

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gold plaque of griffin from Perepyatykh barrow
Reconstruction of a headdress based on the materials from Perepyatykh barrow according to Lyubov Klochko’s “”Headdresses of the Scythian Priestesses”
Structure of the main chamber of Perepyatykh barrow


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