Gold Deer Plaques on Human Skull: Synjavka Scythian barrow in Ukraine


The human skull covered with gold plates of two patterns was found in the central chamber of a Scythian barrow near the village of Synjavka in the Cherkasy oblast of Ukraine in 1845. The burial dates to the VI century BC and is known as Synjavka Barrow No. 100. The plates were sewn onto a cap, but over the centuries the material decayed and at the time of the discovery, the plates looked as if they were attached directly to the skull. Below is how the cap must have looked during the burial.

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Reconstructed cap with gold plates from Synjavka barrow #100 according to L. Klochko
Original gold deer plaque from Synjavka barrow #100

The archaeologists believe that it was worn by a priestess similar to the priestess from the Perepyatykh Barrow.

Inventory set of Synjavka barrow #100

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