Scythian Goddess Argimpasa [Aphrodite Ourania] Pole-Top


Scythian bronze Pole-top: a Scythian goddess, 4th c. B.C., Alexandropol Kurgan, Dnipro region, Ukraine. Scholars like M. Rostovtzeff thought that the goddess was Argimpasa: “… the Great Goddess, the Mistress of Beasts. Curiously enough, we find the same goddess on a pole-top, belonging to a canopy, from the kurgan of Alexandropol.” Herodotus in his work compared Argimpasa to Aphrodite Ourania: “In the Scythian language, Hestia is called Tabiti; Zeus, Papaiosa (and most correctly so, in my opinion); Earth is called Api; Apollo, Goitosyros; Ourania Aphrodite, Argimpasa; and Poseidon, Thagimasadas”. (4.59) (The word “Ourania” resembles the word “Ukraine“, does it not? Could there be connection? Especially taking into account that the Scythians derived their origin from the Dnieper River just in the area where the most prominent of their burials were situated. Including the Alexandropol one with the imagery of their goddess.) The closer look at Aphrodite Ourania, who was the chief goddess of the Bosporan Kingdom in Crimea, is taken in the “Cradle of Civilizations” book. Below is the plate representing most likely the same goddess. It was found by peasants before the excavations of 1854 began.

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