Decorated Heraldic Griffin pressed on leather from Alexandropol Kurgan


Alexeev A. Y. in the “Unknown griffins of Scythian Alexandropol kurgan” scientific article writes that during the excavations of 1854, a fragment of leather article was found with the images of griffins pressed on its two sides. In scholars’ opinion, the iconography of one of the griffins is very unusual for the area. Apart from that, at least one griffin, the one in a “heraldic” pose was painted. The description of the find in the Kizeritsky catalogue stated the following: the length of the object is 20cm, height is 14cm. The leather surface is black, but the background is light. On the side with two eagle-headed griffins (drawing below), the colors were preserved: some feathers of the wings were painted in blue and red, the comb – red but the ends of it – goldish yellow. (To be continued)

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