Cromlech/ Stone Circle inside Tovsta Mogyla Kurgan


cromlech is a megalithic circle made of large stones arranged vertically, often around a tomb or place of worship. (Stonehenge is the most famous example of such a construction). Double cromlech is one of the most outstanding peculiarities of Tovsta Mogyla Kurgan. It was situated under the pile of earth and encircled the main chamber. The fact that the cromlech was somewhat damaged despite being situated inside of the kurgan, in B. Mozolevsky’s opinion, implied that the cromlech had been erected sometime before the kurgan was established. There are no analogies to this kind of construction known to scientists. B. Mozolevsky also thought that the cromlechs of the Tovsta Mogyla were the survival of the beliefs in the magical peculiarities of the circles. Cromplechs in Ukraine were present during the Yamnaya and Srubna Cultures’ period of the Bronze Age and some of them preceded the above mentioned Stonehenge. More on the topic here >

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