Royal Child Burial in Tovsta Mogyla Kurgan: Miniature wine vessels and rhyton


According to scholars, the royal child burial in Tovsta Mogyla is the only unlooted one known. Most likely the child had a belt around him decorated with golden plates. The belt itself was a sign of a Scythian. According to B. Mozolevsky who excavated the Kurgan, there were several miniature objects near the child – silver rhyton and wine vessels. The archaeologist did not provide an image of the rhyton but mentioned that it was very similar in shape to the rhyton from Kul Oba Royal Kurgan in Crimea. Since Kul Oba is the burial place of a king and queen of the Bosporan Kingdom, the similarity of the objects in it with the objects in Tovsta Mogyla Kurgan adds some weight to the hypothesis that the queen buried in Tovsta Mogyla was famous Tirgatio. Also, the presence of miniature rhyton and wine vessels in the royal child burial of Tovsta Mogyla Kurgan proves the hypothesis that rhytons and spherical vessels in the adult Scythian burials were the ritual objects in the first place. The “Cradle of Civilizations”¬†book has a closer look at the hypothesis and the origin of the belief.

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