Scythian Colored Ornament Patterns on Leather from Tovsta Mogyla Kurgan


The man in the central grave of Tovsta Mogyla Kurgan had a cuirass on him. The cuirass pauldrons (shoulder pads) had pieces of thick leather on which the colored ornament pattern was still discernable. In B. Mozolevsky’s words, it was a very complicated floral-geometric ornament painted in red color and incrusted with thin gold foil.

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The scholars recreated the full ornament.

Ornament on Leather from Cuirass

We can also recall that the Heraldic Griffins on leather from Alexandropol Kurgan had red color on them too. The other two colors were blue and goldish yellow (one may wonder if they can be connected to the colors of Ukrainian flag).

The “Royal Scythia, Greece, Kyiv Rus” book has the insights into the content of several more Scythian Barrows excavated in Ukraine.

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